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The 1st time with My Closest Friend

The 1st time with My Closest Friend

Exactly exactly How did a hitched right man just like me wind up curved on the restroom countertop with my friend that is best grunting, getting my hips, and sliding their cock deeply into my ass?

It began whenever our spouses possessed a « girl’s night out », leaving Robert and us to go out together on their leather-based sofa, consuming alcohol and playing Truth or Dare. It started off innocently enough, then we began asking one another about our intercourse lives:

« therefore, how frequently do you really and Karen bang?  » we asked, increasing an eyebrow.

« Recently, less. Right down to possibly once weekly. You? « 

« If only it had been very often. She actually is not within the mood recently. I have been getting difficult all week very long, but everytime We begin rubbing her ass and hoping to get her switched on, she informs me shehas got strive to do. I’m horny most of the time, and it’s really driving me personally crazy.  » Robert nodded sympathetically. « therefore, just just just how women that are many you’ve got sex with just before got hitched?  » I inquired.

Robert shrugged. « If you count blowjobs, perhaps a dozen.  » He took a swig of alcohol, then stated, grinning, « So how a lot of men did you have got intercourse with? « 

« None!  » I stated indignantly. However paused, thinking it over. « Well, theoretically one. « 

 » exactly What the fuck would you suggest, ‘technically’? « 

« Well, whenever I first hit puberty, I became genuine versatile, and over I possibly could simply scarcely obtain the tip of my cock in my own lips. If I bent » we held up a tactile hand to end their follow-up concern. « My change. You ever get a blowjob from a man? « 

« No.  » Robert provided me with an amused, hey-I’m-just-kidding-here appearance, and stated in a exaggerated homosexual lisp, « But hey, big child, we bet it’d be better compared to the lousy blowjobs my partner offers. « 

We felt a rushing of bloodstream to my mind and a feeling that is buzzing the alcohol in my own stomach. My cock started initially to get hard. Exactly exactly just What the fuck? It’s been far too long whenever talk such as this gets me personally thrilled.

Robert offered my crotch a look that is knowing. « You’re blushing, dude.  » He proceeded utilizing the fake homosexual vocals, « So, handsome, if we took away my cock, could you can get on your knees and draw it like a beneficial small bitch? « 

We laughed, but my cock got also harder. Playing along, we stated in a mock-petulant sound, « Not in the event that you call me personally bitch, big kid. Perhaps in the event that you called me ‘your sexy gf’ and were good in my experience, i would be persuaded. « 

Robert tilted their check out the medial side and locked their eyes them, the mocking grin still on his face onto mine, searching. He then stood up through the sofa and wandered in the front of me personally.

He unzipped their shorts and took away their cock, that has been starting to get difficult. In a husky sound, he stated, « Would my sexy gf prefer to draw my cock and please her guy? « 

Still sitting, I seemed up at his grinning face. Just what a kidder. But he is holding this laugh a touch too far.

Robert reached down and place their soft on the job my cheeks that are blushing. He caressed them, the gentleness and warmth associated with the gesture switching me personally on even more. « think about it. You are known by me might like to do it. Do not you wish to please the man you’re seeing?  » Their solidifying cock had been now simply an inch from my lips.

I happened to be therefore horny. As though another person was at control over my own body, we heard myself whisper, « OK. « 

Robert carefully place a tactile hand regarding the back of my mind and forced simply the mind of his cock between my lips. I possibly couldn’t think it. Had been i truly drawing my closest friend’s cock? I am perhaps maybe not homosexual. I am perhaps maybe maybe not. Nevertheless the heat of their cockhead felt so excellent in my own lips. We went my tongue over the underside that is sensitive.